Diverse Cultures The God of Gambling

People call it tricksters and malicious people and they have a case. Each deity or goddess of gambling appears to display a form of playful evil in all cultures live casino thailand, old, bygone and new. Your mean gambling god, though, likes chess while men and women believe they play dices against the fates.

Look at the known gambling gods’ myths and what made people think they should entrust their own destiny to them. Here’s a warning: save yourself from the finger-crossed beggar of the destiny, for after all, there is a gambling god, and you should lead her.

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Gambling Greek God

There are abundant gods and goddesses in Greek mythology. They rule over every part of human life Thailand online casino 12Joker, except they forget about our creation, because the Greek pantheon has its own golf god. It’s not a mystery to you. Enter Hermes, Zeus’ messenger, and a little awful boy.


Hermes is a god of archetype. It suits the image of your ordinary gambling god and this ancient timepiece has its own side as it is synonymous with fertility, richness and luck. Scholars warn you often that he was famous for his unpleasant and smart attitude, when watching over the farms and trade.

Hermes was up to no good, even as an infant. Once upon a time he stole Apollo’s flock of 50 sheep in Pieria and tried to conceal them so they could not even locate Satyrs. He wouldn’t stop his adventures there, either.

Gambling’s Hindu Goddess

In Indian culture the female figure plays an important part, and the Indian god of gambling seems to be a good one! Lakshmi is different from her Greek equivalent, and she prefers to be kind to misfortune. However, like any other heavenly being, her temper appears to move swiftly to keep her on the right foot.

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Lakshmi is a successful and prosperous Hindu goddess and valued in the Hindu. She has taken over the minds of man and gods as one of the counsellors for Vishnu. Her charisma tented devils and deities who tried to win her love time and again.

Gambling Egyptian God

Egypt was at its height an unsurpassed culture creation society. Her reign spread widely, her wealth was the envy of the world and her fateful meeting with the Romans was where she began to go downhill. Yet, among other things, Ancient Egyptians had their own gambling god and good luck, which was Thoth.


The Egyptian society is one of the great days of the mysterious civilisation. There are many anecdotal views of the complexity of Old Egyptian literature, but if one thing is very clear, it is that gods play many roles in Egypt’s soul like everywhere else. Thoth, one of the positive things that always belongs to the sky, studying, writing and a consultant to others, is also a golf-god. Thoth doesn’t appear by the word, but his willingness to be of service to others, by some particular interest of his part.


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